Our experience before administrative and judicial tribunals allows you to obtain the most optimal and efficient resolution of your disputes.
  • Arbitration
    Private arbitration of commercial disputes.
  • Contestation of administrative decisions
    Judicial review, mandamus and contestation before the Tribunal administratif du Québec.
  • Constitutional challenges
    Applicability of federal, provincial and municipal legislation according to the division of powers and principles of paramountcy and interjurisdictional immunity.
  • Commercial disputes
    Interpretation of contracts, representations and warranties, indemnity clauses and minority shareholder rights.
  • Employment law
    Dismissal of high level management and unfair competition.
  • Municipal law
    Application and contestation of zoning and environmental by-laws and nuisances.
  • Injunctions
    Violations of the Environment Quality Act and neighbourhood disturbance; mandatory injunctions.
  • Class actions
    Contestation of motions for authorization to institute a class action and defense on the merits, namely in matters of nuisance and violations of the Environment Quality Act.
  • Penal infractions
    Defense of charges relating to environmental penal infractions; assistance with and contestation of inspections and investigations.
  • Professional liability
    Directors and officers, financial consultants, construction professionals (architects and engineers), accountants.